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We are often adding new Graphics! Be sure to visit our site often, as we are adding new Theme Sets on a very regular basis, along with many other assorted graphics.


Html Help

THANK YOU for understanding that we can not possibly be familiar with all the many HTML editors and programs that people use to create their own sites. Therefore, we can not offer any help as to how to set up your pages in your individual programs. However, we do include the HTML pages with every set. This Html Help page has some help for setting up your site. There are a few codes for your pages and also some links to website that have helpful forums and html tips.

Please understand that we are also a business and time does not permit us to attempt to help with site development unless you hire us for web design. We may have a little extra time to help you with a few questions if you email us, but cannot guarantee full time help if we are busy.

Html Clinic

Html Code Tutorial

Online Html Courses

Side Bordered Background Code

Triple Background Code

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